Low-Code Workflows

Intuitive user interface to design, automate and orchestrate workflows
Design, modify, automate and modify workflows
through an easy to use and understand low-code, flowchart user interface
that supports running millions of workflows daily.




Automate. Take the robot out of your employees

Design custom workflows quickly

The Workflow Designer provides an intuitive user interface to design workflows, which are easy to build flowchart-centric workflows whose functionality is simple to understand. Point, drag and click workflows together.

ETM Apps ship out-of-the-box with standardized workflows. Use the Workflow Designer to tune the ETM App to precisely meet the requirements of your business.

Automate millions of workflows daily

Oomntiza ETM provides a very robust, scalable and reliable environment that allows you to autonomously execute hundreds to millions of workflows. Some of our customers execute over a million workflows a day. Oomnitza ETM ensures workflows are properly triggered.

Orchestrate to validate workflows complete properly

Oomnitza ETM monitors workflows to validate they properly complete, including ensuring there is an audit log to validate workflows executed properly. So even though you might have millions of workflows executed daily, Oomnitza ETM will validate each process completes properly.