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ETM Keynote Presentation Abstract

With so many industries moving to autonomous operations, from self-driving cars to smart factories, the next CIO needs to continue to think about also moving IT to an autonomous, self-driving operation. Why? Every CIO is being challenged to do more with less.  How does the CIO fund disruptive innovation such as digital transformation, while also paying to keep the lights on managing and securing the modern, extremely complex technology landscape required to run and secure the business?

A big obstacle to achieving autonomous IT are the processes like employee offboarding that span siloed management tools and are mostly done manually. This creates cost inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities and higher risks for human error. Siloed management tools also create data hygiene issues, as they frequently store inconsistent data regarding the same asset. Up to now, the only option CIOs had to automate these processes has been to resource long, complex IT projects to build custom, in-house solutions.

Historically, increased complexity has given rise to new categories of software applications that simplify processes and drive efficiencies, helping the CIO’s peers to be more successful in their respective functions, such as CRM, ERP and HRM. Where is the Next CIO’s application?

In his Amazon bestselling book The Next CIO, Vince Vasquez explains how CIOs can overcome these challenges on their journey to realizing an autonomous IT operation, using a new category of application he calls it Enterprise Technology Management or ETM. ETM provides functionally, pre-packaged applications to automate common technology-centric processes. Given you can’t successfully deploy ETM applications to automate technology-centric processes without an accurate underlying database storing accurate data about the company’s entire technology landscape, ETM applications by default also improve the accuracy of asset management databases such as CMDBs.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The merits of an ETM application to help CIOs and IT better describe, automate and optimize the processes that span siloed tools 
  • How to improve process efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and provide enhanced business observability by deploying enterprise ETM applications to automate common IT processes instead of building custom, in-house solutions.
  • How ETM applications complement ITSM + CMDB deployments

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Mark Grimse
Vice President of Information Technology
Robert Half

Founder of Silicon Valley CIO Roundtable

Vince Vasquez’s presentation on Enterprise Technology Management was nothing short of inspiring. His extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for the subject left a profound impact on everyone in the room (and virtually). His groundbreaking work in creating the technology area of ETM and authoring the book on the subject is a testament to his commitment to transforming the way organizations manage technology. Vince is a true visionary and an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of technology management in the enterprise.

Vince is available to present ETM to your
CIO Roundtable, staff, conference or other event

John Wondolowski
Chief Technology Officer

Founder of San Francisco East Bay CIO Roundtable,
San Francisco Bay Area CISO Roundtable,
Las Vegas IT Executive Roundtable,
Denver IT Executive Roundtable

During my career in Enterprise Information Technology Management one of the things I have learned is that professional and personal success is based largely on an intellectual curiosity and a burning desire to learn.  In 2013 I started coordinating no-cost CIO, CISO, and IT Executive Roundtables because I found that most IT Leaders enjoy learning from other IT Leaders. 

We now have a few hundred members of our Roundtables who can best be described as ‘learn it all’ professionals rather than ‘know it all’ professionals.  

I asked Vince to discuss his “The Next CIO” concepts with our Roundtables.  The feedback from our Roundtable members was remarkably positive and appreciative.  His ideas and concepts resonate with every IT Leader and at the same time stretch their thinking from current-state friction points to an aspirational future-state.  That is the basic definition of learning in my mind.

His depth and breadth of experience has clearly built an impressive knowledge base – and his wit and ability to engage creates an easy to enter portal into that knowledge base.

Vince's Bio

I like to think of myself as a storyteller, with a passion for helping innovative companies tell their stories. I also have more than 35 years of experience working in the technology industry in various functions including engineering, marketing, sales, business development and executive management. 

In 2010, I founded Crowdstory to provide storytelling services and consulting to the technology industry, with a specialization in IT. Over the years, I’ve worked with a broad range of clients including industry titans (such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM), VARs, ISVs, IHVs, managed service providers and emerging startups. In addition, I’ve told stories across a variety of architectures including infrastructure (cloud, on-premises, hybrid), networking, security, collaboration, IOT and enterprise software.

In the process of telling every client story, each subject matter expert interviewed teaches me about the challenges they face in their respective areas. From this learning, it seemed IT still faces a significant challenge with manual processes that span siloed, point tools. This seems rather ironic that IT still operates so many manual tasks, while in parallel IT teams spend so much effort digitally transforming the rest of the business.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I interviewed 12 CIOs from market leading organizations to see if they concurred with my observation. They did. And so, it became clear that a story needed to be told describing a new application that sits on top of siloed management tools that CIOs and IT could use to improve process efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and deliver business observability on the journey to powering autonomous IT.

And thus, The Next CIO was born. 

Books authored by Vince:

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