Automate Smarter, Not Harder

Automate with apps, not projects
Run the business on clean technology data
Say so long to building custom, in-house solutions to automate common IT processes

Deploy enterprise applications to automate IT processes in 90 days.
Don’t run 1-to-3-year IT projects to build custom in-house solutions.

Say so long to running your business not trusting your CMDB

Improve your technology data hygiene and visibility across your entire technology portfolio.
Don’t struggle with inaccurate data stored in your CMDB.

The industry's first Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) Solution
Automate IT processes

with ETM Apps

Achieve outcomes

in months not years

Enhance data hygiene

cleaning your technology data

Improve visibility

with Modern Asset Management

Oomnitza ETM

Oomnitza provides pre-built ETM Apps
that automate key, technology-centric processes
Deployed on top of modern asset management,
which includes automated workflows, out-of-the-box integrations, and business intelligence
Run on an ETM Database
that continuously discovers, aggregates, normalizes, and correlates
to improve the accuracy of the data representing your entire technology portfolio at scale.

ETM Apps

Modern Asset Management

Low-Code Workflows

Design | Automate | Orchaestrate

ETM Database

Discover | Aggregate | Normalize

Business Intelligence

Report | Monitor | Visualize

160+ Out-of-the-box integrations built and supported by Oomnitza

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