Oomnitza ETM

Automate with Apps.
Execute with more accurate technology data.

The Oomnitza ETM Solution

Oomnitza provides pre-built ETM Apps
that automate key, technology-centric processes
Deployed on top of modern asset management,
which includes automated workflows, out-of-the-box integrations, and business intelligence
Run on an ETM Database
that continuously discovers, aggregates, normalizes, and correlates
to improve the accuracy of the data representing your entire technology portfolio at scale.

ETM Apps

ETM Apps are built on standardized, pre-packaged workflows that implement best practices automating technology-centric processes. Use the Workflow Designer to configure ETM Apps to your specific environment.

with more on the way

Modern Asset Management

Low-Code Workflows

Design, modify, automate, and modify workflows through an easy to use and understand low-code, flowchart user interface that supports running millions of workflows daily.

Connector Integrations

160+ Out-of-the-box integrations built and supported by Oomnitza to connect your ETM applications into your business’ technology management tools and platforms.

Business Intelligence

Receive real-time visibility, notifications and reporting regarding the state and performance of your automated IT processes and technology landscape.

ETM Database

Improve data accuracy and consistency
across your entire enterprise technology portfolio

  • Discover the entire Enterprise technology landscape without additional agents.
  • Aggregate all enterprise technology data across a company’s entire portfolio of management tools to provide a single view.
  • Normalize aggregated data to provide a more unified view.
  • Correlate enterprise technology data to remove redundancies.