The Next CIO
Data Hygiene Discovery Service

Evolving the ETM autonomous IT visionĀ  from “aspirational” to “actionable” (in only a few weeks)

Start the Journey to Autonomous IT
with Enterprise Technology Management (ETM)
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across all technology assets
  • Automate key IT processes in days to weeks, not months to years.

Start with the first ETM use case: Discover and remediate process breakdowns leading to non-compliance for hardware endpoints.

The Vision:
Autonomous IT

Automate common IT processes that span siloed technology management tools

The Solution:
ETM Applications

The book describes a new category of application to help The Next CIO
realize the autonomous IT vision:
Enterprise Technology Management (ETM)

There is now
at least one
ETM application
in the market

Take the Step-by-Step ETM Customer Journey to Realize the Autonomous IT Vision

Start with the first ETM use case: Gain accurate technology asset data hygiene for your hardware endpoints.

  • Next, add more technology asset categories, like applications and infrastructure.
  • Next, one-by-one automate common IT processes with pre-packaged ETM Workflow Applications

Gain Significant Value
Deploying First
ETM Use Case

Financial: Improve endpoint recovery rate, reducing wasted IT budget replacing lost ex-employee laptops and mobile devices

Compliance: Enhance compliance and audit readiness with improve inventory control

Security: Reduce vulnerable attack surfaces with improved visibility into endpoint protection updates and knowledge of laptop locations and ownership

Discover this Value through
Next CIO Data Hygiene Discovery Service

  • Discover non-compliance gaps and inaccuracies around HW endpoints using ETM application
  • Conducted over two 1-week sprints, with two additional weeks included for client to explore ETM application
  • Anticipate requiring < 2 hours/week client resources
  • Cost: Complementary (for a limited number of engagements)

The Next CIO Data Hygiene Discovery Service

Demonstrates the first ETM solution use case: Maintain impeccable data hygiene across your hardware endpoints

Discovery of non-compliance
Identify process breakdowns
not meeting policies for hardware endpoints
Recommend what do you do about it?
Clean-up to remediate through standardized workflows
Automate for continuous data hygiene with ETM

ETM Customer Example

  • Improves endpoint recovery rate from 50% to 98% for a $600K/year savings
  • Replaces the risk of human error through automation
  • Becomes 100% NIST and SOC-2 compliant
  • Accelerates procurement process 5 times
  • Improves coordination between IT and accounting, saving $65,000 annually in personal property tax
  • Optimizes warranties and repairs, enhancing overall asset management and device lifespan